Q: How do I order prints on joshjamesartwork.com?

A: Watch this video to learn how to purchase Photo Prints or Digital Downloads. If you do not feel comfortable purchasing online, send a message to the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and we will gladly assist you and enter your order via email.

Q: Will the watermarks be on my Purchased Items?

A: No, the watermarks are only used to protect the images online and will not be on any of the Purchased or Downloaded Items.

Q: When ordering prints, part of the image is cut off, can this be corrected?

A: Yes; 8x10, 11x14, and special orders will be re-cropped after ordering to accommodate your image properly where no part of the car or subject is cut off.

Q: Do you offer batch discounts?

A: Yes, there are several opportunities to save with Josh James Artwork. When ordering, look for a ‘Print Packages’ Button. There you will find options catered to you getting more for less; like a pile of the common 4x6 photos, to several 8x10 photos to give the sponsors who support you. Feel free to message via the Contact Form at the bottom of this page for a package custom tailored to you.

Q: Do you offer Downloads?

A: Yes, Josh James Artwork offers affordable Downloads for both commercial and personal applications.

Q: What is your largest print available?

A: Josh James Artwork offers a 24x36 Print, yes that’s right. 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. Perfect for Trophy Rooms, Man Caves, Shops, or wherever you want to put it!

Q: I do not see my Race Series on the Schedules Tab, can you add it?

A: Yes, message the Contact Form at the bottom of this page to have your Series added to the Schedules Tabs.